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Whether you are a photographer giving direction to your subject or having someone take your photo the goal is to look natural and not stiff/overly posed in photos. It can be a challenge because if someone is not used to being in front of the camera it can be nerve-wrecking! I always do my best […]

4 Tips To Pose Naturally in Brand Photos

The need to be visible and bold online is more important now than ever; but how can you make sure you keep your visual content fresh while adhering to social distancing? If you’re anything like me, you’ll be starting to get tired of re-hashing those same six month old branding photos or taking ring light […]


What you wear communicates a lot about your personality and professionalism, meaning it can have a major impact on first impressions and communicating your overall brand message. Picking what you wear for your personal branding shoot is critical to how your website and social media will look. You have to be really strategic about it […]


To represent your brand, all your content across all your social media platforms should be consistent with your brand messaging and brand story. Instagram is the perfect tool to create an emotional connection to your brand and you should use it to create genuine connections between your products and the hopes and ambitions of your […]

create the perfect Instagram feed to sell your brand

You’re probably wondering what fear has to do with personal branding photography. It can feel incredibly vulnerable and tricky on your emotions to pose for pictures and easy to get stuck in self-imposed barriers of fear and self-doubt as you ask yourselves what you’re doing and why. Fear of just not being cut out to […]

Pushing Past The Fear

Where does your personal life stop and your personal brand begin? Is it possible to keep the two separate while still harnessing the power of your brand? For solopreneurs, the fear of letting the rest of the world into your personal life can feel daunting. “Showing up”, “being authentic” and “owning your brand” can seem […]

Personal Life vs Personal Brand: what’s the difference?

If you want to make an impact with your brand, then your social media needs to be a seamless representation of it. And that means planning and choosing the very best images to share online. There’s no avoiding the major importance of social media when building or growing a business. It’s quickly become a given; […]

How to plan what images you need for social media.

Taking part in a personal branding shoot is an intimate experience. You know what they say; practice what you preach. Except, that can be easier said than done. I’m used to standing behind the camera. I capture the moments… I’m not used to having my own moments captured for me. When I decided to launch […]

Behind the scenes of my personal branding shoot